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No one knows aquatic facilities like ELLIS. Day and night, EAVS has you covered.

Powered by advanced artificial intelligence (AI) & Video analytics, EAVS is the world’s most complete drowning prevention, safety and security vigilance system. See what lifeguards may miss due to the number of guests or environmental conditions, and respond well before the person is submerged and unresponsive.

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EAVS protects your facility day and night.

H5 analytic cameras placed throughout your facility deliver complete, 360-degree video security – above water, under water and on land.

Occupancy Counting & Geolocation
Remote Monitoring
Chemical Monitoring
Security Alerts

Suitable for any size venue, EAVS is fully customizable, scalable and affordable.

EAVS camera

High quality H5 analytic cameras installed throughout the facility provide coverage day and night. Cameras project live and recorded footage to a computer and staffed control room able to recognize potential problems and alert lifeguards. 360-degree coverage can also be used to detect intruders, even in low light with our thermal cameras. With cameras above and below water, our “supplemental eyes” see what lifeguard and security staff may not see.

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Capable of learning patterns, behaviors and movements that create alerts allowing lifeguards, supervisors and security personnel to be automatically alerted to potential risk. Over time, with information continually streamed from multiple cameras, the computer learns to detect and inform decisions that save lives. EAVS can also be integrated to monitor chemical readings and adjust water quality 24 hours a day.
As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, EAVS combines video with AI powered analytics to provide occupancy counting, social distancing, face mask detection, contact tracing, and security grade fever detection.

Real-Time Notifications

Human and artificial intelligence meet with the integration of video surveillance, radio communication and geolocation all in one place. Operators scan the live feed for potential problems while the artificial intelligence system works to detect unusual behavior. Operators and computers alert lifeguards via two-way radios, cell phones, and email, providing rapid response, saving lives and securing property.

control room operator

Each element of EAVS is custom-designed to meet facility needs and requirements. From one camera on one slide to dozens of cameras throughout a facility, EAVS components can be scaled to meet budgetary and surveillance guidelines. Site survey, installation, IT recommendations, training, and even wireless options can all be part of the equation. EAVS is suitable for existing facilities and can be designed into new project blueprints and expanded over time.

Unleash the power of AI to save lives

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