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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EAVS® ?

An advanced computer vision system utilizing artificial intelligence to aid in preventing drowning incidents and provide for facility safety and security.

Are there any standards that guide the quality of computer vision systems for aquatic facilities ?

ISO 20380:2017 describes the minimum operational requirements for computer vision systems used to detect drowning accidents. Learn more.

Are there any types of aquatic facilities where EAVS® cannot be installed ?

Unlike some other products on the market, EAVS® is scalable and designed to be installed in aquatic facilities of all types, shapes and sizes.

How does EAVS® support current lifeguarding standards ?

Current standards refer to “10:20”. This term was originally used by Ellis & Associates (E&A) in 1983 and has since been coined by many others, including use in the Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC). It refers to a lifeguard being able to scan his or her zone in 10 seconds and rescue the guest in 20 seconds. EAVS® utilizes certified Operators and AI to provide additional “eyes” on facility guests to keep them safe.

What is the process for installing EAVS® ?

A consultation meeting is conducted to assess the clients’ needs. Detailed camera mapping is provided using facility blueprints and facility walkthrough. The number, type, and placement of cameras is based on the facility design and the clients’ defined needs. It normally takes 1-2 weeks to complete an installation and training of staff to run the system.

How are EAVS® operators trained ?

EAI has developed a comprehensive training program and manual that certifies operators and even makes continuing education units available as part of the training. It uses the best practices from our years of field tests to provide the proper guidance. This training is provided at no additional cost.

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