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Ellis — When it comes to aquatic safety, there is no equal.

Ellis & Associates

The world leader in aquatic safety.

Ellis & Associates (E&A), Inc. was founded in 1983 by company CEO, Jeff Ellis. His desire to make the aquatic environment safer has led to dozens of “firsts” – innovations in lifeguarding and risk management with one goal: the prevention and elimination of drowning. Recognized as the international leader in aquatic safety & risk management, E&A partners with 700 clients in 28 countries, protecting millions of facility guests annually. Beyond its highly touted accident investigation and litigation support, E&A translates its materials into 8 languages and provides training and continuing education units for tens of thousands of instructors and students in lifeguarding, safety and health, and learn-to-swim programs.

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Ellis Aquatic Innovations

Advanced technology solutions; results driven accountability.

Ellis Aquatic Innovations (EAI), LLC began as a result of the Ellis organizations’ relentless pursuit of safety. Following technology and training advances in other industries, Ellis leadership believed that the “next level of safety” depended on combining highly trained professionals with cutting-edge technology. After conducting research, seeking out the highest quality equipment and most-qualified experts, EAI created two new technology-driven solutions that serve the aquatics industry and beyond.

EAI’s technology platform includes:

  • Ellis Aquatic Vigilance System® (EAVS®), the world’s more complete drowning prevention and facility safety and security system.
  • Pectora™, a powerful learning management system (LMS) and training management system (TMS), and virtual conferencing platform in one.

Jeff Ellis Management

Providing the Best Pool Management and Aquatic Safety Services.

Jeff Ellis Management, LLC (JEM) is a professional consulting firm providing comprehensive aquatic facility and risk management services for the aquatic industry. In addition to our premier lifeguard training and aquatic facility operation, we provide quality pool maintenance and water sanitation products and services to our clients. JEM services hotel/resorts, homeowner associations, country clubs and public aquatic facilities throughout the United States through “turn-key” operations for their facilities. JEM’s innovation reduces the cost of operations while increasing customer service and swimmer protection.

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Ellis Aquatic Innovations

Three decades of aquatic safety leadership + advanced technology solutions

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